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We are proud to announce that AR Living has been awarded the prestigious Platinum Award from the Hermes Creative Awards in the Magazine Publications category. The new AR Living Magazine is an award-winning publication offers readers a glimpse into a world of luxury homes. From exquisite photography of award-winning homes to blissful destination and lifestyle spreads, this magazine provides its readers with an interactive experience as they explore each page through its unique multimodal approach using QR codes to transition the messages of AR Homes® from the real-world to the digital realm.

This captivating journey into the luxurious lifestyle embodied by AR Homes® invites its readers to become a part of the story while learning more about the company’s passion for creating breathtaking custom homes to suit customers’ lifestyles. With features such as thoughtfully designed layouts and stunning visuals, AR Living provides inspiration and education in equal measure.

The new AR Living Magazine, by AR Homes® sets a new standard for sophistication and style that is sure to leave you inspired to build your custom, luxury home. Get a copy of the award-winning AR Living today.